Our Purpose

To create, foster and promote interest in Poodles To encourage and promote quality in the breeding of Poodles and adherence to the Breed Standard To encourage the exhibition of Poodles and promote participation in performance and companion activities To conduct sanctioned matches; specialty shows; obedience, rally, agility and working certificate trials To protect the interest… [Continue Reading]

Code of Ethics

  As a member of the Bluebonnet Poodle Club, I will always: Be honest in representing my dogs in registration, breeding exhibiting, selling, or advertising Provide a pedigree at the sale of each puppy and disclose known possible defects or genetic abnormalities Keep my dogs in clean safe housing with attention paid to their nutrition,… [Continue Reading]

About Us

The Bluebonnet Poodle Club serves Poodle fanciers in the greater Houston area (and sometimes beyond). We hold regular meetings with programs of interest to Poodle owners and sponsor two Specialty shows (March and July), training seminars, a Working Certificate trial, and other Poodle activities during the year. We generally meet the second Tuesday of each… [Continue Reading]

The Poodle

  Poodles come in three sizes—the Standard (over 15 inches at the shoulder but most are from 22- to 27-inches in height), the Miniature (over 10 inches but not over 15 inches), and the Toy (under 10 inches). The breed standard for the Poodle is the same for all three varieties with the exception of… [Continue Reading]