Become a Member

How to Become a Member

Member Committee Chair
Mary Cooper
(281) 488-5754

If you are interested in becoming a member, you may request an application from the Membership chair before or after the meeting. To apply, you or a member of your immediate household must own a registered poodle. Dues are $50 per year for one person; if more than one person in your household joins, dues are an additional $25 for each additional applicant (i.e., if two household members join, total dues are $75 per year).

The Provisional Membership period will last approximately 6 months and begins when your sponsor introduces you at a regular meeting, your completed application is read to the membership, and your $25 application fee accepted. During the six-month period you must attend at least four out of six regular meetings. In addition to attending meetings, you must to participate in club activities during this time and then petition the club for regular membership. At the end of six months, the club may vote to accept you as a Regular Member. An alternate application process is available for individuals living more than a hundred miles outside the Houston area. A cover letter for the application form lays out the details of both processes step-by-step.